Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

It's been a year, but we're back with a vengeance and new microphones!

Sorry for the delay. Tell both of your friends to download this stuff.

Surely you've seen The Dark Knight Rises. Surely you feel the exact same way we do. It was awesome, so we ripped it apart slightly.

Download here!

1 comment:

  1. It's about time!!! Glad you boys are back to fill my mundane days with laughter.

    Now onto more serious opinion of the movie (cause I know your wondering):

    Pros: *JGL. He is amazeballs!
    *The 5 seconds you got to see Tom Hardys face and back muscles.
    *Catwoman. Like Jon brought up she did great acting like she was acting (the scream in the bar), and she was sexy on the bat pod in cat suit!
    *The 2 seconds of Scarecrow.

    Cons: *I was constantly not hearing dialog because the music was too loud.
    *The movie had lulls that were not exciting.

    Overall: I liked it! I think I mostly liked it because of JGL, Catwoman, & Bane though. The "regulars" weren't really hitting it for me.